Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Journal Buddies- GIVEAWAY

I am a journaling kind of girl. I think that's why I love blogging. I may not be good at it, I'm horrible with spelling and grammar. But there's nothing quite like opening a fresh new journal up to write or doodle in it for the first time. I started journaling in the fifth grade in spiral bound notebooks. I love having a place to gather my thoughts, unload and create. I wanted to share this love with my girls, espeicially Diva, now that she's reading and writing. The younger girls have doodling books. They are still a bit young so I looked for a starter journal and found Journal Buddies. I want to foster a love of journaling, writing and help them have a place all their own to write down thoughts and feelings.

Journal Buddies are interactive journals. They make journaling fun, and helpful journaling prompts are perfect for children. Here is a link to free Journal Buddies excerpts so you can get an idea of what they are like. LINK. There is also a great section for teachers and parents HERE. There is a TON of information on this website. So many articles to read and information to soak up, it's an amazing resource in and of itself.
Jill Schoenburg, the author/creator of Journal Buddies, first published a girl's journal in 2005. A revised second edition along with a boy's journal published in 2007. You can read more about how Journal Buddies was born on this page here.
I asked Jill, What do you want people to know most about your product? Here is her answer-
That it is my deep desire  to inspire kids (and adults) to expand their concept of journaling and to bring greater fun and enjoyment to journal keeping as a fabulous and powerful form of self-expression and creativity.

I love that the journals have helpful prompts, but also leave room for creativity. There is no fill in the blanks and now write about this type of thing. Just simple prompts that leave room for and encourage a child to be themselves and be creative in their own way. Journal Buddies is also a journal that includes parents, friends and relatives. The owner of the journal can pick one or 50 "buddies". Each day you can do the journaling together. I think this helps open lines of communication and has helped give Diva and I something special we can do just us girls. At first Diva was a bit unsure of where to start and how, but once she did get started she took off. She realized that this was her personal journal and she could fill it out any way she wanted. I think there is a sense of pride and confidence in knowing she can be creative in so many ways and has a place to show that.
These journals would make wonderful gifts! You can buy the journals on Amazon.com.
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 I received a journal for review purposes only. I was not compensated
in anyway for this review. All opinions are my own. Picture is from Journal Buddies website.
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