Wednesday, August 3, 2011

You Bar review and coupon code

Have you heard of You Bar's? Or the You Bar company? It's amazing. You can customize cereals, energy bars, trail mixes, protein shakes and even cookies! When I say customize I mean customize. Check out the site HERE. So many healthy ingredients to choose from. Like cacao nibs, ginger, clover honey, grains- optional, fruits, berries, nuts and most are organic.  I love poking around and coming up with new varieties of products. If you don't want to customize your own, choose from their best sellers.
The variety of product You Bar sent us to test was amazing. So many different combinations and the best sellers ones they sent were awesome. You Bars, shakes, cookies, cereal and trail mix.
The girls loved the trail mixes and cereal the most, I did too. They are portioned in individual bags which are perfect for travel. And the bars? To be honest I didn't get a single bar. My husband ate them all. We haven't even gotten to the shakes yet, I'm going to put one in our morning smoothies soon.
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Joel at You Bar sent our samples to us. They were carefully packed and he answered my questions via email quickly for me. I recommend You Bar if you're looking for food items and snacks that you can customize. They also have gift certificates and gift boxes, where you can choose from a variety of products to include in them.
Do you want to try some You Bar products? They have provided a coupon code for readers of GPAC to use.
Coupon code GPAC2011 is now active and will be valid for a 10% discount on any item at
So enjoy! What do you want to try most?
Check out their facebook page also! LINK

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