Monday, August 15, 2011

Sponge Ball Water Fun

How fun does this look!? I decided to make these sponge balls for the girls. They were cheap to make and so easy. I've seen this posted on, and on Pinterest. My only mistake was thinking that 2 packs of four sponges each was enough to make these. I only got 3 sponge balls made. Thank goodness there are only three kiddos here. I would have known I needed more sponges if I would have read the directions. But I just thought, how hard can it be grab some sponges, cut them up and tie them together. I think as per directions- now that I'm reading them as I write this post, 3 sponges per ball is a good idea.
Use new, fresh sponges, mine were moist in the package and they cut easily for me. Don't wet them, if you wet them anymore than that it would be hard to cut.
These are easy to clean also- just throw them in a garment bag and wash them in the washing machine.

 Sponge ball (1)

3 sponges (1/2-by-2 3/4-by-4 1/4-inch each- but I didn't think to measure my sponges, I grabbed the cheapest pack)
Butchers twine/yarn- I used zip ties, the girls didn't feel them or anything, but use your judgement.
I also used ribbon- I heat sealed the ends and some strips of rubber drawer liner
Cut the sponges into 4 pieces to form long sticks. I cut down the middle of the sponge, then cut down the middle of the two pieces. Make the pieces 1/2 inch thick.

Stack the sponge pieces, ribbon and drawer liner strips.

Secure the bundle in the middle, tightly with butchers twine or zip tie.
Cut off excess twine or zip tie.
Fluff out the sponge ball.

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