Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dropper Stopper Global GIVEAWAY

As a mother of three I know what it's like to be constantly picking things up. My girls are 2-5 and 6 and I'm still picking up after them. I don't have a solution for picking up after your family around the house,  BUT I do have a solution for meal times, car rides, snuggle times and strolls for your little one. The Dropper Stopper! This thing is ingenious for toys, sippy cups, bottles and pacifiers! 
The Dropper Stopper keeps items from falling onto a dirty surface. It keeps you from having to bend over 20 times to pick up an item. Keeps things from getting lost on a stroll. You won't even have to stop the car to pick up a toy or pacifier for a child who can't reach. The strap is sturdy and  is easily adjustable. You can attach things like toys, sippy cups, bottles, snack cup handles or pacifiers while you attach the other end to a highchair, stroller, belt loop- I kid you not, or car seat. The end attaches with snaps, which I find is harder for kids to undo then velcro.
There are many colors to choose from and beautiful prints!
Check out this video of the Dropper Stopper in action

The folks at Dropper Stopper Global have sent one as a giveaway for you! Enter below. You can leave a comment on this blog but only entries processed through Rafflecopter will count!

*I was not paid for this review, the opinions are my own. Thank you Dropper Stopper Global for the samples.* GIVEAWAY ENDS 07/22/11 12:01 AM

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