Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oberon Design- Nook Color and Journal covers

I recently got a Oberon Design cover for my Nook Color. I'm not new to the company I have had my bible cover on the right for over 10 years. It still looks amazing, the leather is still soft and supple. I love these covers. They are so well made and very sturdy. You can read more about the company and see their products HERE.

My bible cover/refillable journal cover, as I mentioned is over ten years old. I originally used it as a journal and filled a couple books. You can purchase refillable journals on their site also. This cover has gotten softer as the years have gone by and it still looks wonderful. My bible has been well protected also. I like the closure on the journal covers because I can clip a pen for note taking on the leather strap.
The closure on the Nook Color cover is different but I still like it, the company also sends out extra elastic bands with each cover. I was so happy when I first saw my cover, the color is gorgeous and I love the paisley. I had a hard time choosing a design, but am glad I went with this one. There is a video on the Oberon site that shows how the Nook Color fits into the cover and how secure it is. Be sure to watch the video. I am not going to get into details/features, they do a great job of that on the website already.
Here are my pros and cons for this product
Amazing craftsmanship
Beautiful- the color, the design, the button... I love that I can have something beautiful but it still gets the job done
High quality materials
Protects my Nook Color perfectly- and that's the point
I can plug it in without taking the cover off
All access to every button needed
A pocket for my business cards
Larger side pockets for notes, and index cards- I'm a index card nut
The soft wool to protect the screen
I can fold it back, so the front and back covers are stiff (they have an insert for protection) but the binding is flexible 

If my 2 year old drops it in the toilet it's toast- the Nook I mean. So I probably won't, be reading in the tub.
The sound is a bit muffled when this cover is on. Not a huge deal my kids could still hear Read To Me books, and really I don't use that option often.
The orientation for propping the Nook up for movies and Read To Me books is upside down. This isn't a huge deal, but when my girls watch a read to me book I prop it up so there is no "she's holding it too far from me!" "she won't let me see!" and whatever they come up with. Again this isn't a huge deal, you can put the Nook into the cover upside down and prop it up for movies or books also. I took a picture of what I am talking about since my writing/description probably bites.

See how the cover is folded back it props up? But the book is upside down? Maybe there is a way to change the orientation on my Nook that would resolve this.

Here is a picture if you'd like to see how much bulk you may be adding. Not much IMO, not a biggie.

The company itself has great customer service. They answer emails and questions quickly. They are friendly on the phone. I had a problem with my gift card number and they helped me trouble shoot it and finally took my order over the phone. 
Check out the company and let me know if you like it! I love their Hair sticks- I so want some. If I ever get some I'll post a review!

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