Monday, April 18, 2011

Lets Get This Day 8

I'm only counting ...30 days. Then we'll see where we end up :). It was a beautiful day and all my babies were home with me! We had such a fun day. For breakfast I made bacon and eggs (I had my eggs with green chilie.) The girls and DH also had waffles that I made and put in the freezer for them. Regular buttermilk and pandan flavored.
Then the girls and I took off to the mall. Snacks were cheese and nuts. Lunch was a huge cobb salad with no dressing. I asked for oil and vinegar on the side.  I dipped my fork in it and could tell she gave me oil and vinegar dressing and it was full of sugar. So I had a little pepper and salt.
Dinner I made two things. Curry chicken gizzards and hearts, sorry if that sounds too Bizarre Foods for you. I also made some brauts with peppers, onions and sweet potato. If the brauts were Paleo "approved" I would have had that. But I had the curry with cauliflower. I'll post both recipes and look for brauts or sausages without sugar, or make my own. For breakfast sausage I use ground pork and my own spices and seasonings. (recipes will be in separate posts)

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