Monday, April 25, 2011

Let's get this, Day 15

Can we just pretty much assume that on Sunday's I'm going to have an off day? It could be my one meal, if I were folowing the 80/20- 80% of my meals paleo/primal and 20% "free". I need to keep my jar of almonds/nuts with me. AND my girls made Empty Tombs so I had one of those. A cookie a church and a small roll. Sigh. I just feel so sluggish and tired when I do that too.
Happy Easter by the way! It was a fun day, got up early with the girls and gave them their Easter goodies, went to church. Lunch at home then a nap. The girls made the Empty Tombs- I helped with the oven and the younger girlie. Dinner and just hung out.
(Salad, No peanut satay dressing/sauce, roast beast.)
Dinner. Beef and veggie stir fry made with coconut amnios.

I also had some cottage cheese a snack.
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