Monday, April 11, 2011

April Fools... backwards meal

On April first I made a backwards meal for the girls. It was fun, Pixie wasn't pleased. She was so excited to see cake and cupcakes on the table so when she tasted meatloaf she was upset. Which is funny because she loves meatloaf. The older girls thought it was fun.
Meatloaf layer cake with mashed potatoes frosting and ketchup drizzles.

Inside of the "cake".
Steamed cauliflower with blue tinted butter and some Hiwa Kai black salt. I think a tinted hollandaise sauce would be better on this.
For dessert I made grilled cheese with pound cake and tinted cream cheese frosting. The peas and carrots were orange tootsie roll candies sliced and green sixlets.
I almost used these for a dessert spaghetti. I was going to use strawberry jam for the sauce and truffles or cake balls for meatballs. But it just seemed like too much sugar to me. 
I didn't eat any dessert, but the girls like it.
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