Friday, March 25, 2011

Stainless waterbottle deal- design your own, or not! (Scroll down for Bentos)

I feel like I'm totally spamming on my own blog but I think this is pretty cool. Right now all water bottles are 20% off at Cafe Press. (You can purchase any item at Cafe Press with the dealio below ($15 for $30 credit plus other discounts- but I'm just saying the water bottles are cool and on sale right now.) You can design your own! EEEP. OR pick from already designed ones like these
 Kawaii Japanese girl
Give Peas a Chance (awww...)
Or design one like this...The Block- ($16 designed)
 SO here's the dealio- Mamapedia (LINK HERE) has a voucher you can purchase for $15. IF you purchase the voucher you get $30 to spend on anything at Cafe Press, you can design your own items from T-shirts to clocks, or pick from designs they have up. One top of that you can use the code SPRING10 at mamapedia for 10% off,  if this is your first mamapedia deal use the coupon INTRO4 for $4 off. Those savings stacked on the 20% off of water bottles is pretty sweet.

For stainless steel bentos
Same deal with Mamapedia, use coupon codes above, remember though the INTRO4 is for FIRST time buyers only.  There is a deal  for this company for 50% off- $20 for a $40 voucher, orders of $50 or more get FREE shipping and they have stainless steel bentos! (And lots of other cool stuff too)  Here are the two boxes I love

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