Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ruby Moon Laundry detergent (and a chance to try some yourself!)

I was recently sent some samples of Ruby Moon Cloth Diaper Detergent in Lavender and Warm Vanilla Sugar. Both scents are divine. The Lavender not as strong. More on the scents later. Here is what Ruby Moon says about their detergent:
Our  Cloth Diaper Detergent is crafted especially for delicate skin and keeping your diapers tremendously clean. Made completely of all natural, vegan, and biodegradable ingredients that work hard to fight odor and stains, our detergent will leave your diapers super fresh and odor free.

Our cloth diaper safe detergent was formulated to work in all water types and is phosphate, enzyme, optical brightener, and soap free! Plus- you can even use this detergent for your regular laundry!  No more buying different detergents! Each bag contains enough cloth diaper detergent for 45 loads of diapers in a top loader and 90 loads in a HE washer
 We have an HE washer, I don't wash diapers anymore but I used this detergent for our clothing, kitchen linens, bedding, everything. Our laundry is clean and comes out of the wash smelling clean NOT like perfumes, not like Lavender or Warm Vanilla Sugar. Just clean. Which means it washes clean away and doesn't leave residue. Oldest DD who has the most sensitive skin and mild eczema had no break outs or flare ups with the change in detergent. All in all this is a wonderful natural detergent.
I also purchased a wool wash bar which s just a nice light clean scent. I haven't used it yet!
Would you like to try some Ruby Moon detergent? Check out the Spring Fever Giveaway and enter for a chance to win $10 off your next detergent purchase and other great prizes!
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