Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Free money and why you should use a kitchen scale

Search & Win
My food scale that has served me well for a few years met it's match today. In a death match with a starbucks stainless steel mug- my scale fought with honor and died on the battle field. Poor thing. It had so much life in it still. The good thing is I have free money from Swagbucks! I love Swagbucks, I don't hunt for codes or anything like that and still I have "made" $300+ bucks just from using their tool bar to search. seriously that easy peasy. If I need to google something I use my swagbucks tool bar instead. That's all I do. Sure you can earn even more buy hunting for codes, watching ads and even buying groupons and such through a special link. I just never think to do it.  So, if you don't know about swagbucks check it out now by clicking on that picture up top there or this LINK here. It's free, doesn't require any upkeep and easy. Anyway, I have a new scale coming home to me free of charge and no shipping even! I chose the OXO that got rave reviews on America's Test Kitchen. I like the size of the area for your bowl or food. I like that you can zero it out with a bowl on the scale and start measuring without having to subtract the weight of the bowl. The display pulls out if you have a huge bowl and it covers the display when it's secured. Grams/Ounces/Pounds/Kilograms- I love that.
If you don't already cook with a scale you should! It's faster, more accurate and less clean up! Faster because you just pour ingredients into one place not a measuring cup then the bowl. More accurate, that's a no brainer, and no measuring cups means less dishes. It's also easy to follow European recipes also. Most scales go from grams to ounces and back with a push of a button. I usually don't measure when I cook but writing recipes I started to use both cup measurements and oz/gm measurements. With baking I most always measure and using a scale by weight is more accurate, as mentioned before. I hear scales are helpful for weight management also.

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