Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rare and difficult recipe for Smoked Sugar Beets

Smoked sugar beets take some serious skill. Cook them too long and you have to call the fire department, or at least find a step stool/broom and knock down the smoke detector. Cook them for too little time and there's just no smokiness. It's one of those once in a blue moon recipes... like the Smooshed Sandwich. Never had a Smooshed Sandwich? I feel for you.
How do you make these? Well, they need to be washed/scrubbed with the greens trimmed off. Don't peel them. Boil them like in this post. Boil until fork tender. Now for that distinct smokey aroma, this is key. Turn on the TV. Get online. Pick up a book. Whatever you do forget about the boiling pot on the stove. Once you notice a distinct... burnt sugar aroma JUMP up and turn the stove off. The water should be evaporated and the sugar from the beets blackened at the bottom of the pot. Immediately take the pot over to the sink and add water. Warm first to start cooling down the pot. Then cold to cool everything off. The skin should come off of the beets easily with a paring knife. Once the beets are peeled, slice and serve with butter salt and pepper. I used Hiwa Kai Salt. They aren't so smokey if you get to them in time *insert eye roll*. 
Now the pot. Bar keepers friend is ... well, my friend. Hardly any scrubbing and my beautiful pot was shiny new.
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