Monday, February 14, 2011

Easy Peasy Carrot Heart Decorations and how to secure bento food.

 I've seen this heart trick done with little sausages. But I cant never find those. So baby carrots and plum tomatoes are used.
These carrots are boiled, you can steam them also. I have done this with raw carrots and it's hard to secure raw carrots with toothpicks or decorated picks.
To make the hearts cut an oval object on the diagonal so you have two equal sides. Flip one side over and put the cut sides together and secure with a food pick.
I used uncooked vermicelli pasta to secure these. They get soft within a couple of hours and can be eaten by lunch time. This pasta trick can be used to secure little food embellishments in your bento lunches. Easy and fun! Happy Valentines Day!
I can't wait to show you these lunches tomorrow!
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