Friday, December 10, 2010

Sushiko Resturant

THE. BEST. MISO. SOUP. EVER. Seriously, Diva and I both said it. SO good, so flavorful and JUST good. Not that powder or paste instant stuff. SOOO GOOD. Piglet doesn't like Miso soup but Pixie girl loves it and had a whole bowl with rice. That's what she likes- miso soup with rice and big beautiful Salmon roe that she picks up with her cute little fingers off of mamas plate.
Miso... YUM.
The tempura was crisp, light, not greasy, HOT and the batter wasn't thick- nor did it flake off. SO. VERY. GOOD. I can't stand tempura not done right. Greasy, heavy, soggy, batter falling off. Or thick batter that is twice the size of the vegetables. YUCK. The sauce was so very good also, it might have had some sake in it.
The girls shared these rolls.
The waitress, actually the whole staff were professional and attentive despite the fact that I had three kids with me. The restaurant is nice, clean, real linens. Parking was a breeze, that's a big deal in this area.
Lunch for four of us was about $50 (not including tip and before my $40 coupon). Pretty good for a nicer place.
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