Monday, November 22, 2010

PJ's Rice Bistro - Washington DC/ Maryland

Here's to making life simple. I just don't post at Here for the Food much. I should. I have pictures to post. I just don't, so I'll post here instead and figure out how to combine the two blogs maybe. PJ's Rice Bistro is a wonderful Chinese restaurant. Like good looking authentic I see lots of grandparents there Chinese food. The thing is they have $4 sushi rolls which the girls love and the sushi's great there so,  I don't order Chinese. These pictures are from several visits. This place is in the mall, it's a nice restaurant. Clean, nice ambiance, great service and it's a God send because I'm not a big fan of food court food. Unless it's Hot dog on a stick but I haven't seen one of those around.
The fish is fresh and sliced generously. The last time I had a Chirashi bowl it was a big serving, even with little hands trying to snag my food.
Pixie and her salmon and avocado roll.
Spicy tuna, and salmon rolls with NO Nori!
They have a fantastic fried rice. It has that great HOT wok flavor.

They have these awesome fried chicken wings that are crispy, flavorful and so juicy. The sauce is awesome too.
This was my lunch date with just Piglet. MMM.
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