Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lao Omelet

Lao Omelet- is there such a thing? I don't know. But my mom used to make this and we'd have it with sticky rice or jasmine rice. Sometimes she would put both sliced tomatoes and chives, just chives and or green onions in it. Really, just whatever we had on hand. I put oyster sauce, a little soy sauce OR nam pla with a little bit of white pepper in with the eggs also. I *think* my mom did also. I don't remember. I also love putting red pepper flakes on top. This omelet, Lao beef jerky, steamed vegetables like broccoli and cabbage with nam pla dipping sauce. YUM. The girls love sticky rice, so it's always a hit.
No real recipe, just eggs scrambled with seasonings and herbs and/or vegetables.
Whisk it all together.
Frying it up.
All done.
Steamed broccoli.

Sticky rice.
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