Friday, September 24, 2010

The things that we remember.

Heirloom tomatoes.
Diva. My sweet girl. Just love this girl. She remembers so many things, she's got an amazing memory, she's creative- very much my little foodie. Her favorite foods are clams, crab, balut and lots of veggies. She's a veggie girl. We went out for Philly cheese steaks and she asked for just veggies and cheese. Pizza? Lots of veggies, today it was spinach and mushroom for lunch.
The other day Diva and I were talking and somehow the topic of Seattle came up. I asked her something about the trip we took to Seattle and she goes, "Mommy, I don't remember much of anything about Seattle. Remember? I was allergic to the dogs... OH! I do remember that fantastic olive oil we got. It was great for dipping, just delicious!" THAT is my girl LOL. Poor kid was miserable, didn't remember the zoo or ANYTHING I mentioned us doing.  But she remembered the olive oil. It certainly was good.  She's got an amazing palette. She can pick herbs, flavorings out of dishes that most children wouldn't touch of have a clue about. She will draw or map out recipes and desserts, tell me what she would put in them.  I'm excited to see what she will end up doing when she's more independent  in the kitchen. That olive oil? It's gone now. But the memory is still there for Diva.

We made a lot of salads, used it for dipping oil. I should have a bottle sent to her for her stocking at Christmas. :)

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