Monday, September 20, 2010

The Little Princess and her dinner.

Little Princess guarding her tea cup.
Once upon a time there was a sweet Little Princess who lived with her parents and two older sisters. The Little Princess loved her family and to play and dance. She was a happy little girl with a happy little life! 
One day the Little Princess' grandparents came to visit her family at the castle. Her grandparents brought the family some plums that were the Little Princess' favorite! The Little Princess got to go out to eat a lot when her grandparents visited. She loved eating out. Some of her favorite things to eat and drink were hot tea, double pan fried noodles, Pho and Miso soup.

This is my food
One day, when The Little Princess went out for a meal with her family. Everyone was having a wonderful time talking and eating.  Then of the servers came and took the Little Princess's plate to the kitchen. The Little Princess was so sad! She looked at her parents with a worried look on her face and pointed to where her plate had gone. She wasn't done eating her food yet! So, the King and Queen got her another plate of food and the princess finished eating.
This is my food, and I'm watching you until you leave.

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