Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bento 2010-28, 29, 30

It's not a bad little lunch. This lunch was made by Diva. I was jumping in the shower one morning and told Diva- "you'll have to eat a school lunch. We're running late today.I know you don't like that but mommy is running late." She doesn't like school lunches. Which is so odd, all she wanted last year was lunch at school. I jumped in the shower and when I got out it was quiet. With three girls if it's quiet, I check. I get into the kitchen and Diva's making her lunch. She said, I have six strawberries and pepperoni. So I sliced some cheese for her, gave her a cookie, cheese pretzels and water.  Sweet baby girl. 
Piglet's lunch is in the blue box.
Pretzel sticks
Baby Banana- she didn't eat it
Cheese and Pepperoni
Chocolate Pudding

Pixie had the same without the banana, she ate two of those for her morning snack.
It's funny those little cups hold a little more than a tablespoon. The girls didn't ask for more or anything. They ate it, first as a matter of fact, then finished the rest of their lunch. So I guess a tablespoon is plenty when that's what's in front of you.
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