Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bento 2010-22

Diva licked box clean. Seriously. Not a crumb left. (Drop of water maybe ;P) The thing is she kept raving about it and stuff, then she said and you know why I ate it all? Because I had the time. YUP. Because she had time to eat. She explained that she had "lunch bunch", which is when the kids at her table earn 10 stars they get to eat in the classroom with the teacher. So they get to more time and as Diva put it, "it's so nice, it's not loud at all like the lunch room and we have more time". I don't know if I've blogged about this before but Diva is a GREAT eater, she eats well, but she's slow. Not irritating slow but she is slow. Her not having enough time to eat has been an issue before, she's complained about it before. There are times she's had  to be reminded to eat when at school. It's just frustrating. I understand she just needs to learn to eat and it's not like she's going to starve. The mama bear in me just gets her feathers in a ruffle.
Ok blah blah blah
- pepperoni bites
- grapes
- dry roasted almonds
- container of strawberry cream cheese
- two mini pumpkin muffins
- pretzels
- water (which is usually what she gets unless I have a stray juice box)

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