Thursday, May 20, 2010

Holy Mole! Love Abounds...

Have you ever had mole? Chicken mole is usually traditional. It's a perfect blend of smokey chilies, spices and chocolate. It's amazing and you think, really? Chocolate? Yes. Chocolate, you can't really put it in your mouth and say- there's chocolate in there. But the flavors blend so beautifully. That's what inspired this seasoning. I joke that it's how carnivores get their chocolate fix, because I love it on steaks, but again chocolate is not the dominant flavor in this seasoning. I've just been calling this Mole Seasoning. I may rename it. It's got chili powders, cocoa, cinnamon and more. It's wonderful on steak, ribs, roasted meats, slow cooked, broiled, grilled. Slow roast some pork for tacos with a delicious twist. I just love it, it's so versatile. Available in foil heal sealed pouches, approx. 4 ounces. It will also be featured in the Father's Day Grilling Gift Sets.

Grilled pork ribs, mole rubbed NY Strip. And my cute little helper.

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