Monday, April 12, 2010

poor ugly brownie...

The other day I went to the grocery store with just Piglet. I love when I get time to spend with just one of my girls at a time. It's so special, even if it's to run errands and get groceries. In those moments I see beautiful glimpses of them that sometimes I might miss when we're all together. I also see how much they actually do love their sisters and miss them. Piglet (who is three now) asked me to buy a box of brownie mix so I let her pick one. I made it according to the box, I think I was actually multitasking and I think I might have forgotten the water, used less I don't know. But I under baked them by a few minutes, pulled them out and topped them with marshmallows I had leftover and chocolate chunks. I am not a big fan of store bought marshmallows so I wanted to use these up.Once topped with the chocolate and marshmallows I put them back in the oven to let it all melt. All fine and dandy but I didn't have mini marshmallows so I had halved the bigger ones, they didn't melt well and didn't get that beautiful color I wanted. I baked in a pottery pan and I didn't want to broil in that. AND I have no clue where my blow torch is. So I thought it was ugly on top. I tried to swirl it a bit, which we all know marshmallow doesn't swirl pretty. But I did. Oh well. The brownies were YUMMY. Gooey and I confess, even the marshmallow part was good.
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