Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This blog.

I've been thinking a lot about this blog. Why it was started. How much time it takes to post- sometimes not time at all and sometimes it takes a while. How far behind I am.
I started Give Peas A Chance for my girls. I started photographing and recording recipes, old favorites and new so that I could put them in a book for the girls. A cookbook of recipes they grew up with, complete with pictures not only of the food itself but of them helping out in the kitchen, stories of when the dish was served etc, a keepsake. Originally I thought it would be one of those off to college gifts or something, so really I have plenty of time- right? The thing is the current book that hasn't been updated for almost a year is 500 pages. Do you know how much it costs to print a nice color, bound photo/cookbook? EEK. (If you know of different sites to print photo books please feel free to spam me in the comments section.)
So here I sit, 500 pages, done. Needs to be cleaned up and edited, but still. I have a large amount I am behind on. I think I should just print as I finish the books.  Maybe break it down, 200 pages at a time. The thing is, I have neglected the girls book- OK and their scrapbooks too. That defeats the purpose of this blog.
I love having this blog as an outlet and the friends I have met through it. I am just not sure how much more I can put into this knowing the purpose of it all has been left on the back burner. Should I scale back? Put the blog on hold? Start a new one, blogging just as I would if I were printing so I CAN upload and print the whole blog? I don't know.
I tried uploading the whole blog to just print as is, just to see how much it would cost well the blogs too big. HA HA.
Any ideas for me here? Thoughts? Suggestions?
Thanks for reading this far and for reading this simple little blog, that started out as an organizational tool and place to share my loves.
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