Saturday, January 9, 2010

Thai Derm- Washington DC/Maryland

The other day we went to dinner with DH's uncle. Actual uncle, that's the thing about DH's family relatives are actually related to you in some way by blood. Not so for me, if there is a friend of the family, they are an uncle or aunt, their children become cousins and eventually there is a lot of confusion.  But it's also wonderful, it's a sense of community and closeness that is cultural. Anyway, we went out for Thai food. We chose the Thai Derm, because it was close to his hotel and we don't know the area. The atmosphere is like most Thai places I usually go to, you don't go for the atmosphere, you go for the food. It was clean with the usual touches and no frills. Well, there is this... scenery, it looks like a child's train table with plaster on top to form a hillside. It's made to look like a Thai country side complete with oxen, and rubber duckies you bathe with, but hey my girls LOVED it and we're here for the food right?

The girls shared Lad Na with pork and a chicken fried rice. The Lad Na wasn't the best we've had, actually Pixie girl wouldn't eat it- and she loves noodle dishes, keep in mind she's also 15+ months. Diva finished her portion  and  Piglet only ate the broccoli from it. There was a lot of vinegar in it, we could smell it as the waitress put it on the table. That could be why we didn't prefer it. The fried rice however was excellent. No cubed carrots or anything like that. Fresh green onion, onion, there were peas, the chicken was moist, tender- all white meat if you care. The rice was made well, not too sticky and it had that fantastic flavor you get when you use an extremely hot wok. It's not burnt, I can't describe it it's just a good flavor that's hard to achieve at home. You almost need a wok station with an intense burner. The girls finished off the rice and mama took some too.
DH was feeling sick so he had Egg Drop soup. Yeah I know at a Thai restaurant but he said it was good.
I had Basil Duck with Bamboo Shoots. VERY good, not sweet like some restaurants make it. The duck was moist, not dry and over cooked. There was onions, bell pepper, jalapenos, bamboo shoots in there also. The only thing is the sliced jalapenos. I loved them and the spicy hot from them, some people may not like that. I had no idea they would be in there, no mention in the description and I wasn't asked if I wanted medium, mild or Thai hot. Some places ask and some don't. The traditional Jasmine rice was a little over cooked and wet sticky which was fine, I sometimes like my rice that way.
They do have dessert offerings but we didn't have any.
The waitress was nice, prompt, the place is child friendly. The waitress spoke Thai, which was nice when I ordered (and English too). She also brought out plastic cups and cutlery for the girls and let them choose a color, not disposable cutlery but Ikea cutlery :-). The waitress seemed to know some regulars that came in, and they asked about her kids, it was very mom and pop. Quaint.  I would go back here and try the whole Tilapia and other dishes. Great experience and great food.

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