Saturday, January 23, 2010

Clos Bourguignon, Paris- Guest Blogger Misao

CLOS BOURGUIGNON, 39 rue de Caumartin, 75008 PARIS
OK now things are getting serious!!
This is my favorite restaurant ever! My bad, this isn't a restaurant, but a "bistrot parisien", a genuine one, actually you cannot find anything more Parisian than this one!
Located next to department stores like Galeries Lafayette or Printemps Haussman, close to the Opéra Garnier and most notably to l'Olympia (one of the most prestigious venues in Paris), it's the perfect place to enjoy a simple but yet very tasty meal after your shopping session, after attending a ballet or a concert: actually you might meet the artists themselves (Henri Salvador -the legendary singer- used to have supper there). The place is friendly, the boss -Monsieur Louis- yet himself a star for decades is just as simple and warm as you would expect from a family restaurant.
They have the best fresh products, VIP and trendy customers and the staff is nice and never haughty, they greet you with a big smile and shake hands with you when you leave.
Enough chit chat, now about the food.

About the food:

First pic shows "Langue de Chat à la sauce périgourdine" with French fries and salad.
The meat dish is the famous langue de chat, rather impossible to find at a reasonable price in any bistrot here, for fun facts, google "langue de chat de boeuf" you will find the link to Le Clos Bourguignon :) Basically, it's the most tender part at the core of a rumsteak (hope I'm making it clear, it's not easy to write in English about food). Just make very thin slices and then the meat will melt in your mouth, it's delicious!!
The -hmm so yummy- dressing is a recipe from Périgord, at the South West of France (famous for its foie gras) using green beans, asparagus, cauliflower,  chicory, foie gras, truffle, lemon , salt,  pepper, oil, xérès vinegar.
The fries are homemade of course, and the salad gives a lighter tone to the meal which is most welcome.
Price 14,50euros. (The price might seem a bit high but lines up with mass restaurants like Hippopotamus. And trust me, the taste is in no way comparable.) Let's say, to eat the langue de chat is to indulge oneself :)

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