Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kinda Monte Cristo

I love Monte Cristo sandwiches... at Bennigan's they used to serve them with powdered sugar and raspberry jam. YUM. Well, that's good and all but I avoid deep frying like the plague. So I can't make a deep fried one like Bennigan's but I did make these for the girls, with turkey, not the traditional ham. They loved them! Pixie at 1/2 a sandwich, Diva and Piglet ate 3/4's each. I gave the older girls Lingonberry Jam with theirs.

Instead of deep frying these I whisked some eggs in a bowl and poured a little onto the skillet, placed the sandwich on top. When I was ready to flip the sandwich I poured a little more egg and set the sandwich down on top again. I did consider dipping the whole sandwich in egg but I couldn't get over the thought of raw egg in between the turkey and cheese, ewww. These sandwiches were turkey and cheese.

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