Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tea for three... or four... ok five.

So, not only and I a mother to three (sweet girls), now have a three year old in the house again. Piglet turned three this past July. So we hung out at home and had a tea party. Yes they are still in their pajamas. I want to say we didn't do much for birthdays this year since we went to Disney World but we ended up having several little "parties" anyway. So much for, we're not doing anything for birthdays girls, just Disney. ( Diva, Piglet and my birthday's are in July) Anyway, I made some chicken salad, deviled eggs, cucumber ranch sandwiches, a buttermilk pie and of course tea. It was fun, DH got home just in time to join us.

For simple cucumber sandwiches the girls and I like softened cream cheese mixed with dry ranch dressing spread on bread with thin slices of cucumbers. I just sliced the crusts off and cut them into smaller sandwiches. Easy peasy.
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