Saturday, May 2, 2009

Vietnamese iced coffee pops

These didn't turn out as pretty as I would have liked them to so I have to work on that- I was too rushed to get them made so I didn't wait until each layer set, but they are tasty tasty! How can you go wrong with coffee, sweetened condensed milk and heavy cream? You can use Vietnamese coffee in an actual coffee drip like this, espresso or strong brewed coffee. Most of this is just made to taste. You can do all one layer and not bother with the different shades/layers too.
Basic instructions/recipe-
For the first layer mix some coffee with sweetened condensed milk. Pour into Popsicle molds or you can use Dixie cups. Let that set in the freezer. Store the opened container of condensed milk in the fridge while it sets.
For the second layer mix some sweetened condensed milk, cream or whole milk and coffee until it is a lighter shade than the first layer. Pour into the molds/cups over the set top layer. Place in the freezer and let it set.
For the last layer mix whole milk and sweetened condensed milk together to make and freeze as before. Insert Popsicle sticks before you place this in the freezer- my mold has something to hold the sticks upright. If you are using Dixie cups let the Popsicle set only until they are firm enough to hold Popsicle sticks upright then insert the sticks OR cover the cups with foil and poke a hole in the center to slide the sticks through.
Freeze until firm. To un mold place the bottom of the molds under running water (warm). I un mold them and wrap them in press and seal.

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