Monday, April 13, 2009

Honey Berry Popsicles

These are so easy. I have no measurements just adjust everything to your liking. You can use any plain yogurt you like, whole milk is best in my opinion. You can make your own too, click here to see how. Stay tuned for a tropical Popsicle with pineapple, coconut, banana and maybe pecans with a coconut milk base.

Honey Berry Popsicles
Yogurt - Plain
Vanilla Extract
Frozen or fresh berries

I let Diva add the honey, she was a bit heavy handed. That's ok...

I use frozen berries.

Mix it up. GENTLY.

Fill the Popsicle mold or use dixie cups.
For the cup method let the yogurt set for a bit in the freezer then add the sticks, so they stand up straight. Or put foil over the tops of the cups and push the stick through so they stay straight.

After they were frozen I un-molded them, flash froze them on a cookie sheet to wrap individually.
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