Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mulan Cupcake Cake

Last week I put the girls to bed one night and I remembered that I needed to make cupcakes for Diva's class so they could celebrate her birthday. UGH. Nice, so I baked some cupcakes, a boxed cake mix. This is so sad but it said that it would make 24 cupcakes... really? I was banking on that until all I was able to scrap out of the bowl was 15, OK 16 but I had to test one out. Good thing I only NEEDED 15. I let the cupcakes cool overnight. Oh it was funfetti by the way. Diva loved it, Piglet is taking cupcakes next week. I can't wait to make hers. Their birthday's aren't until later on in the summer but they wanted to celebrate at school

In the morning, between feeding the baby, making breakfast for the girls and packing lunches I decorated the cupcakes. Easy peasy. Store bought everything.
I had some pizza tins that I bought so I could make frozen pizza's to have on hand, perfect size. I put the cupcakes on them.

I frosted the top with tinted cream cheese icing.

Sprinkled some green sugar on top.

Added some flowers and a cake topper I had gotten at a sale earlier last year. DONE!
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