Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bento confession...

I have a confession to make about bentos, and bento lunches. But first I wanted to say that I have not been using my bento boxes as much for the girls because they seem to be having issues putting everything back together after they eat, even if I tell them to just throw it back in the bag. So the lock and locks are great because everything stays in the box and you throw the lid back on. Anyway on to the confession. I don't like food mixing and touching. I like sectioned plates, I have sectioned plates. I use sectioned plates. I mean maybe not all the time but I do. Some foods are ok to touch, like... potatoes and gravy. I am OK with potatoes and gravy touching. But other foods touching? Ugh, the thought just makes me weak in the knees. That's one of the reasons I like separate containers for everything and it's also the reason I don't pack my bentos tight with all the food nicely nestled together, sure people use dividers and stuff, but seriously? juices run and food still mixes and touches. Oh the horror. I can't stand it, yes I am a bit OCD, it's a gift... and a curse :-) (and all the Monk fans know what I am talking about.)
That there is my confession, I like to pack bento lunches but I don't like foods mixing and touching... there you go.
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