Thursday, January 8, 2009

A couple of Bento's to kick off the New Year...

You would think that by now we'd have some sort of super pill that would eliminate the need for actual food... but here we are, 2009 and still consuming food the good ol' fashioned way. Which means I must continue to make my girls Bento lunches.

These lunches have Ranch cream cheese roll ups- with carrots. I tinted the ranch cream cheese pink. Popcorn chicken, grapes, pineapple and a Lychee Jelly.

These lunches have Lobster salad- with green onion, a green salad and grapes for Diva. I packed her crackers separate. Piglet has crackers in her container. My parents brought a ton of little jellies with them when they came to visit. Get used to seeing them.

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