Saturday, October 18, 2008

I am feeding my children...

I am making the girls lunches for school. I just haven't been able to sit and blog them! And when I think I have all the pictures sorted I find more bento pictures in other folders, sigh...
So there's like a ton of pictures here.

These two lunches have chicken salad, cheese cubes and whole grain crackers. Piglets has a jello cup I made in silicone cupcake cups. Diva has almonds, fruit and a prune in hers. I didn't pack much for Piglet she was home with me.

Both girls got mini meat pies and fruit on this day... oh and a snack pack :-)

This lunch had pulled pork, corn green beans and strawberries... Diva ate most of it.

Have I mentioned that Diva loves taquitos? She not only ate everything in t his lunch she was the first to finish, and that's saying a lot she's a SLOW eater like her mama. Both the girls had taquitos, salsa, fruit and a small brownie.

Diva's "circle" lunch, cream cheese, crackers and turkey, small whole wheat and oat pancakes, olives, lychees and grapes.
Fried rice, strawberries, and kiwi... Diva's is the two tiered bento, I put Piglets in the lock and lock. I made the fried rice real quick in the morning so it would be warm when they got to it, and fried rice is better when made with cold leftover rice.

Chicken and rice, steamed squash and purple cauliflower, lychees and a brownie. Neither of the girls ate their cauliflower, which was odd Diva thought it was so good for dinner the night before.

I love these wraps they are so easy to make, a tube of crescent rolls and cooked sausage links. So very easy. I also packed purple cauliflower and dressing (ranch) and glazed dill carrots.

Lo mien, bell peppers, poppy seed dressing and grapes...
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