Thursday, September 18, 2008

Will I ever get caught up???

I doubt it... but here are some of the girls latest bentos/lunches and a couple of new recipes I have tweaked...

I love this box, I think it's one of my favorites, it's a stainless steel two tired box. Just too cute...
what's in it? a turkey sandwich on a Hawaiian sweet roll, cheese cubes, blue corn tortilla chips and grapes. Diva ate everything I packed!

Tortillas with no nitrate added hot dogs, cubed mozzarella, and fruit skewers... if it's on a skewer my girls will eat it...

I haven't packed molded eggs yet! So I packed the girls some. Piglet's was the one on the left, she is quick to tell people that she's a "shinning star" which is what her class mascot is, Diva's is a jaguar. I also put some glazed dilled carrots, heart shaped rice krispie treats and pretzels in their lunches. The carrots were a hit... the whole lunch was with both girls but I was surprised about the carrots, they usually prefer their carrots raw.

I made some beef and cheese chimichangas so I packed some for the girls with sour cream to dip. There is also some sliced apples there.

Fried chicken, I wrapped the drumstick in foil on the bottom so their hands wouldn't get dirty, I am sure they got greasy hands anyway. Frozen broccoli is a life saver around here, it thaws by the time they are ready for lunch, and their teachers heat up the little silicone cups for them.

More broccoli... some grapes and hot dog, this was Diva's lunch.

Chicken and rice with some carrots, a salad for Diva and some cereal and a chocolate cupcake for Piglet. Diva didn't get dessert because she was supposed to make apple pies in her class that day. They never did, they are baking those today. But the girls love chicken and rice so easy peasy lunch.

These are turkey and sausage meatballs stuffed with fresh mozzarella. YUM and easy too... I baked them at 375 degrees for 20 minutes...

Ginger glazed teriyaki chicken wings. I put molasses, fresh grated ginger, garlic, and other seasonings in a ziptop bag threw the chicken in and put it all in the freezer. On the day of cooking I thaw in the fridge them bake in the oven.
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