Sunday, July 13, 2008

Chopping, stirring, browning, prepping, mixing...

... and making room in refrigerator and freezer. OH also gluing things, wrapping things, making lists to keep track of what needs to be packed, making lists to keep track of those lists. That my friends is what I have been doing since yesterday. Getting ready for this party. It's not like I am even cooking for that many people (35), but I just want to pace myself LOL. The cake is made, and the mermaid is cut out... I just need to decorate it. I planned on doing that yesterday but once i cut the mermaid out I realized that there is no way I could fit it back into the fridge OR freezer assembled, it's just too big, I couldn't leave it out because it's a cream cheese based frosting. So that will be a last minute thing.
I did make the little tortilla wraps yesterday so they could sit and the flavors could get all yummy and mixed together. I also made the little fishbowls with jello. So cute, little bowls of blue jello with fish swimming in them. Some have mermaids hanging out on the sides and others have paper parasols- Diva requested those.
Today I need to get the veggie trays done, taco bar goodies prepped, beans made- if I decide to do them, and just set everything out on trays to transport. I did brown NINE pounds of taco meat and seasoned it this morning. I placed it in the crock pot on low to finish cooking and develop flavor.
I can't help but think I am missing something? Prizes for the games have been wrapped, most games are put together except one. goldfish and pretzels are put next to the CLEAN fishbowls and ready to be set out, decorations are packed up with tape. Pinata is packed up with a rope, and a playsilk for the blindfold. I packed a parachute and will get some coloring sheets ready for in case it rains. Extension cord... that needs to be packed. I should test out toe bubble machine but if it doesn't work, it doesn't work. Ugh, Ice is being made and we will purchase some... what am I forgetting??? Sunscreen and bug repellent, we do need that, maybe extra towels, in case someone forgets. OY... anyway hopefully I can post pictures later.
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