Thursday, May 1, 2008

Green Mango and spicy sweet sauce

I love green mango, I would rather eat green mango than ripe mango any day. It's hard to find green ones here the one I got was already getting ripe. I like them with salt and chili powder or this sweet chili sauce. People make this sauce so many different ways, with scallions, garlic, the dreaded MSG- scary but to each their own right? I like mine simple. Although I won't turn it down if someone else makes it their way. The toasted rice is just raw toasted glutinous rice, once it is nice and brown you put it in a spice grinder. It gives it a nice flavor, I can't explain it.
Sugar- mine is darker it's organic evaporated cane juice but white sugar is fine
Dried Thai chilies ground
Ground toasted rice
Nam Pla (Fish sauce)
Fried scallions
Green mango- I like this sauce with grapefruit, granny smith apples and even strawberries. I like salty and spicy though...

Mix everything up for the sauce. No measurements, sorry. I am not expecting many people will try this anyway LOL. It's more to have for my girls book.

Peel the mango.

See, not green enough.

Cut it up.

Add some of these fried scallions to the sauce.

And that's it... the little bowl has salt and dried chilies.

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