Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Easy Peasy Princess Tutu

I made tutu's for the girls they are so easy to do. Less than an hour for both of them. The girls have shirts that match their tutu's. Piglet's shirt is white and has read embroidery that says, "I love daddy..." on the front, on the back it says "and daddy loves me!" Diva's shirt is pink and white and says "daddy's girl". I love having girls, especially girly girls. Which Diva is a total girl. Piglet isn't as much but she has her moments. These tutu's are great for dress up and twirling. They are easy to embellish with ribbon, rhinestones different colors, fabric flowers... possibilities are endless.

For each tutu you'll need-
Enough elastic to go around the child's waist
6 yards of tulle (or two rolls of the wedding tulle that is about 6-7 inches wide?)
Thread and needle- or sewing machine

I found it easier to fold the tulle into several layers to cut it. It slips so much, so if you don't want to deal with that get the rolls of wedding favor tulle.

Cut the tulle into 4-5 inch wide strips. I keep the length that it came off the bolt.

I used white and red for Piglets.

Measure the elastic around the child's waist and sew the two ends together. Do you like my mad sewing skills?? If your sewing skills aren't as professional as mine *rolls eyes* use white thread no one will know.

For this these pictures I put the elastic around the girl's play chair.
Take a piece of tulle make a horseshoe shape, place it behind one side of the elastic.

Fold the loop side over and slip the two long hanging pieces through the loop. Keep it loose for now so you can adjust the tutu when done.

The loops should look like this. Depending on how full you want the tutu keep adding tulle.

Once you are done it should look somewhat like this.

After you spread out the tulle around the elastic, you can tighten the loops. And you're done.

This is Diva's tutu.
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