Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Elmo Cupcakes

Ok this isn't a good picture, but they are gone now, all eaten so there you have it. I made these cupcakes and a little matching cake for my friends one year old. They turned out so cute, plenty of sugar and red dye # 40 in these to please any child.
I was going to use icing for the noses but these M&M's worked.

After my cupcakes cooled I tinted some icing with a little bit of red food coloring. I wasn't sure if the spray i bought would cover evenly, so this was insurance if you will.

The rather gross to me Red Spray. I covered my workspace with some press and seal made for easy clean up.

See the difference?

I used a jumbo marshmallow cut in half for each eye. I used a gel decorator icing for the pupils.

On with the noses...

Little man's cake...
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