Sunday, February 24, 2008

Crock pot "Salisbury Steak"

Now, this isn't really a Salisbury steak... this is a "I need to put something in the crock pot so it's ready by dinner so I don't order out or have canned soup tonight" kind of meal. It's a what's in the pantry, throw it in the crock pot and make sides later dish. I had frozen burgers, onions, beef consume and such and decided hey why not with some mashed potatoes. Piglet I found out does not like mashed potatoes, must be the texture. Or the potatoes, I am not a big potato eater so I don't blame her. When I reheated this for lunch and served with with buttered garlic noodles she ate it up. Go figure. I've been a bit spacey lately and didn't even take a picture of any of this dished up but it's not the most beautiful dish anyway.

GPAC Salisbury Steak

Sliced onion
Worcestershire sauce
4 burger patties - I didn't think ahead these are slightly frozen
Corn starch
1 can of beef consume
Plug your crock pot in and turn it on high. Add your sliced onions and Worcestershire sauce to it. That sauce can go in at anytime I was absent minded-ly throwing things in.

You can do this two ways, if you want to wash another plate dredge your hamburgers in seasoned flour then brown them. I just browned them plain. I did season them with some garlic powder. I didn't add salt to this dish, the consume has enough.
YES, that IS a crepe pan, YES that is a COATED pan that I am searing in, forgive me, I know it's a sin for the record my kids are still alive and usually I do use my stainless steel pans for anything with high heat but this was in reach. Do I suggest you use high heat and coated non stick pans, no I don't, really you shouldn't but if you do it once, my kids are proof you will live.

In a small bowl place a couple tablespoons of consume and about a tablespoon of corn starch and some seasonings, I only used thyme.
Mix it up until there are no lumps.

Add the rest of the consume.

Place the browned hamburger in the crock pot. If you were good and used a stainless steel pan de-glaze and throw that goodness in the pot. Pour your consume over the meat. Set it on high for about 5 hours.
Serve with rice, potatoes, buttered noodles, whatever. We also had green beans. And fruit salad.
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