Thursday, February 7, 2008

Breakfast Burritos

*** My spell check isn't working and I am a horrible speller, so bear with me.***
OK Breakfast burritos, another one of those add what you like and omit what you don't dishes. I made these to freeze so on days I don't want to cook or whatever we can just grab them out of the freezer and warm them up, they are yummy with melted cheese on top, salsa, sour cream., YUM. I used *GASP* canned green chilies, they are not good LOL. But I used to live in New Mexico where real Hatch green chilies would be roasted on street side booths. The aroma coming through your car windows was to die for. And now here I am far away, no real green chili to be had. OH well.
Looking through these pictures I can't find half of them so I will use the ones I have. Any other missing pictures just visualize them...
Here we go...
8 Flour tortillas (burrito size- although I did some tiny fajitas size ones for the girls)
8 eggs
splash of milk
butter- just get out a stick just in case
1 medium sized potato
1/2 small onion chopped
2 chorizo sausages
8 slices of bacon cooked like you like
shredded cheese
2 cans chopped green chilies drained

Scramble your eggs with a bit of milk and some butter, you can add salt and pepper but I didn't due to the sodium in the bacon and the chorizo.
Scramble your eggs like you always do, I prefer mine softer rather than over done and rubbery. Note that eggs do keep cooking after you remove them from heat.
Remove the eggs. Keep the pan for Chorizo.

Cut down the sides of your Chorizo and put the filling into the scrambled eggs pan. Cook until done. Remove from pan and set aside.
(Insert picture of cooked Chorizo here in your mind)

While your Chorizo is cooking, peel and chop your potato and onion.

(Insert picture of chopped onion and potato here)

Drain a bit of the oil from the Chorizo and then cook your onions after they are soft add your potatoes, I happen to like a bit of butter so I added a tablespoon.

Cook your potatoes through.

Roughly chop up your bacon. I had these leftover from a breakfast for dinner meal so they were already cooked.

Line your ingredients up in a row so you can just go down the line and fill your tortilla up. I put my tortilla on a piece of foil so I could just wrap it up after it was assembled. Yes I know aluminum and Alzheimer's, but if I would have used plastic wrap who knows what would have leaked into the food, you can't win these days.

So put a bit of cheese on the lower middle part of your tortilla.

Add bacon and green chilie...

Chorizo next... or however you want to do it.

Some scrambled egg...

Potatoes and onions...

Now, gently but firmly roll up your tortilla, kind of like rolling sushi. Nice and firm but don't squeeze it. Roll once...

Then gather the sides and tuck everything in, finish rolling. You're done, either eat it, pass it along or wrap it. Easy easy...
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