Friday, January 11, 2008

Chicken and rice lunches...

Okay... the other day DH and I were watching Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations. Great show by the way, the man has a twisted sense of humor but who doesn't? Anyway, he was in Singapore having chicken and rice. Talk about a flood of memories, my mom used to make chicken and rice and I would request it often. The dish is simple really. You poach a whole chicken in well seasoned stock, remove the chicken and cool it. For the rice you use the stock in place of water. Easy peasy. So comforting and good though. I think for me it's in the yummy ginger sauce that you drizzle on top. Too spicy of course for either of my girls.
Diva's lunch includes chicken and rice, a small bit of scrambled eggs, leftover from her breakfast, some water melon and grapes. She didn't eat much at school, could have been the three glasses of milk, scrambled eggs and watermelon she had for breakfast. She did eat the rest of her lunch after school though.

DH has requested that his lunches are a salad and some lean protein, so you will be seeing this lunch for him often. Salad and chicken breasts. Makes my life simple. There isn't enough simplicity in the world.

My sweet Piglet had the same thing her sister did, minus the eggs, which she scarfed down at breakfast. I am so blessed to have good eaters, I know I am, I do believe that picky eaters are both born and raised that way. I know parents who give their children a variety of foods and they are still picky and vice versa... you can't win can you?
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