Monday, November 26, 2007

Sweet potato fries (Oven)

I personally like these, they aren't crispy and I haven't figured out how to make them that way. DH asked Diva if he could have some of hers and being the foodie she is she replied, "I already tried them daddy they are way over cooked." She was right. :P
 So if you like your sweet potato fries crispy, deep fry them. These are done in the oven.
*To get these crispy put them on a cooling rack that is set on a baking sheet. This will help them not steam and have even heating. - 2/18/12

Sweet potato fries
3 medium sweet potatoes washed, eyes removed
olive oil, or olive oil spray
sea salt

Cut your sweet potatoes into strips, leaving the skin on. Toss them in olive oil and season with sea salt. Or put them on a baking cheese and spray with olive oil spray.
Arrange on a baking sheet in one layer. Bake at 400 for 10 minutes to get crispy then lower the oven to 350 to finish cooking. (I am unsure if you have to lower the oven, maybe that's why they don't get crispy for me, but I do it anyway)
I like these dipped in mayonnaise.
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