Friday, November 2, 2007

MAd HAtTEr TeA ParTY...

These pictures were taken months ago but I am finally getting my albums caught up and got my scrap booking room in a semi workable condition. I came across these pictures of the girls birthday party for this year. The theme was "Mad Hatter Tea Party", Diva loved watching Alice in Wonderland at the time, she still has an imaginary puppy named Alice actually.
I'll try to remember little details and recap what was done. This was an easy party to pull off, I did it alone prepping everything while the girls slept at night. The day of my brother who was in town helped me decorate. All in all it was a great party and the girls had a blast. I wish DH could have been home for it.

The invite as a blank 5x7 card that I found Alice in Wonderland clip art for. Basic wording was
Front - "Don't be late for a very important date!"
Inside top fold was a drawing of the Mad Hatter's tea party for kids to color.
Main body of the invite- "You're invited to a Mad Hatter birthday tea for Diva and Piglet on the very 'un-birth date" of ______. Tea and 'MAD' fun to take place at___ from 12 -2 pm. RSVP to ___"

As far as food went, I served tea sandwiches and other little finger foods.
Diva's cake- Vanilla with nutella filling
Piglet's cake- Vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting.
Mini cocktail wieners wrapped in puff pastry
Mini ham and cheese tea sandwiches
Mini Cream cheese and raspberry preserves tea sandwiches

Mock Sushi rolls* made with white bread, ranch cream cheese* and carrots and cucumbers
Grilled Chicken Poppy seed salad*
Vanilla Wafers that piped "Eat Me" on
Chocolate truffles
Rice Krispie treats
Juice Boxes that I wrapped doilies around and labeled "Drink Me"
The juice boxes- at one point I did think OK I can't find nice inexpensive tea service so I am not serving tea. Which worked out for the best.
I made giant tea bags out of paper lunch bags, I just filled them folded the top to corners then the top flap and stapled the top. I added a string with a tea bag label that said "thank you" also.
The tea pot on the basket says "take one".
In the favors were key chains, pencils, stickers, cheaters clothespin chopsticks, heart crayons- that I got at the Healing pixie, candy and little lizards and snakes.

 For the younger guests I put this great wool food from Fair Trade Family.
My girls love these play foods, they are just great!
I got this idea for the pedestals in Martha Stewart kids magazine. They are surprisingly sturdy because there is a rock inside the cups to anchor the stands down. But I used hot glue, streamers, plates, cups and doilies.
I just put glue on the rim of the cup that had a rock in it and glued it onto a base plate. After I added the top plate. These held the girls cakes up well.
The plastic ware was wrapped in doilies also.

Ranch Cream Cheese
1 Package softened Cream cheese
1 Package of dry Ranch Dressing mix

Combine in a bowl, cover and refrigerate until ready to use. Can be served on sandwiches, as a dip for vegetables.

Grilled Chicken Poppy seed Salad
I got this recipe from Shell and it makes a TON of salad.
3 Cups of grilled Chicken cubed
1 Bunch of red grapes
1 Bunch of green grapes
1 Package of walnuts (small)
2 Small cans of mandarin oranges drained
1 Large can of pineapple chunks drained
Poppy seed dressing

Toss all together in a big bowl and serve immediately.

Mock Sushi rolls
Diva requested sushi for her birthday but I was certain none of the other kids would eat Salmon sashimi so I made these.

Soft white bread crusts removed
Ranch cream cheese
Carrots and cucumber cut into matchsticks (I seeded my cucumbers first)

With a rolling pin flatten out the slices of bread, spread cream cheese on each slice, and divide cucumbers and carrots onto each bread slice. Roll up like a sushi roll and cut into pieces.
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