Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lamb chops

I love lamb, so yummy. DH? Not so much so I generally make it when he's deployed or flying. So tonight I made some lamb, the girls had a little and chicken noodle soup that I had simmering because Diva was feeling sick. I wouldn't say this is a recipe... more a method I guess.

Lamb chops
Olive oil
Preheat oven to 325
Sea salt

Garlic powder
Rosemary- how sad is this i was too lazy to walk outside to get some off the bush so I used dried
Fresh cracked pepper
I put my spices and seasonings on a plate so that after I am done searing the lamb I can set it down on the seasonings and then only have to season one side.

Sear the lamb in a oven safe pan with a little oil. Make sure it is HOT and once the meat is in the pan don't move it. You want it to sear and form a nice crust.

I seared the one side of the chops because there was fat there and I wanted it to be crispy. (Vegetarians look away, sorry)
I only seared one side of my chops because after I seasoned them I put them non seared side down on a hot pan and they get seared that way. I happen to like my lamb rare so the less contact with heat the better.

Place lamb on seasoning and rub in, season both sides.

Return to pan, insert meat thermometer and place in oven. It took 12 minutes for my chops to be done rare.
Let them rest and enjoy.
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