Thursday, November 15, 2007

I love you....

Five lunches in this post! Whew.

I made this salad for DH's lunch today, it's WAYYY too cute for him but he ate it anyway. He definitely prefers no heart shapes etc... but he ate it all. There is fruit salad (mango, kiwi, apples tossed in cran-apple juice), honey almond slivers, krazy salt, babybel cheese, and ham.

Diva's lunch today has the same fruit salad on skewers, cream cheese and raspberry heart sandwiches, vanilla pudding with sprinkles, string cheese flowers with currants in the middle.
*Diva is not a fan of sandwiches, not unless there is lettuce, horseradish and some turkey and sprouts... so I wish she would eat more sandwiches.

Piglet has what Diva had minus the pudding and cheese. She had yogurt instead.

Last night I had a coffee to go to. They were serving food but I wanted to pack something for the girls just in case. So Heart sandwiches with cream cheese and raspberry filling and yogurt raisins.
Yesterday DH had a HUGE leftover calzone and some sides in a lock and lock container. Which I broke the lid of today... grrrr
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