Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lunches for October 17....

I am finding that packing a little lunch for Piglet is working out great, even if we both eat here. I am more inclined to give her variety as opposed to just staring at the fridge for 15 minutes wondering what to eat. So I packed Diva, DH and Piglet lunches today.
DH's lunch is a salad with green peppers, tomatoes, leftover grilled chicken, roasted pork loin, babybel cheese, Jane's Krzy salt in a container, a small container of cinnamon apples, and a slice of watermelon.

Diva's lunch is a sausage roll, leftover grilled chicken and grilled zucchini skewer, watermelon, babybel cheese, cinnamon apples, baked sweet potato.

Piglet had grilled chicken, watermelon, laughing cow cheese, and pretzels.
both the girls ate all their lunch, and when Diva got home they shared a banana.
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