Monday, October 15, 2007

Lunches for October 15...

I made these lunches the night before. I am liking this whole pack the lunch the night before deal. But it does mean cold lunches so I won't exclusively pack the night before.
DH's lunch is salad greens, bell peppers, and carrots with a cow boiled egg, and round slice of cheese as the "moon"- get it? "cow jumped over the moon"? Ok yeah, it's a stretch. There is also kiwi and orange slices in the bottom left corner, grapes above that and in the upper right corner I put ham and cheese slices. Underneath the egg is a container of Jane's krazy salt.

This is Diva's "Let your light shine" lunch. Same salad as DH's, a star shaped egg, raisins, kiwi, oranges, and grapes. This bento is really too big for her as far as size, but she ends up eating leftovers for a snack.

I packed part of Piglet's lunch too, ham, pig shaped egg, and grapes. I will probably give her some kiwi also.
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