Monday, October 29, 2007

Ladybug costumes....

Here are my little ladybugs! It took me all of 1 hour and 45 minutes to do these costumes. they aren't gorgeous but served their purpose and the girls looked TOO cute! Both are made with red sweat shirts, felt, pipe cleaners and pompoms.

Take a sweat shirt, cut off the arms. Hem the arm holes.

For the hat, use a sleeve. Cut it to the length you want sew up the top and hem the brim.

For the dots I used felt, I traced the circles with a mason jar lid and cut them out.

Sew on the dots.
Diva helped me put glitter glue on her dots after they were sewed on. I like the costume better without but any chance I can have her "help" me and be a little creative I will take it.
The girls wore black leggings with silver hearts on them and a black shirt under these and were warm.

Disclaimer on the hats- if you have kids that put things in their mouths or might take a pipe cleaner and poke their eyes out, use another method. My girls didn't mess with them so I just took pipe cleaner attached it to the pompoms and then onto the hat. This is Diva's hat I made the pompoms stick up a bit, for Piglet's hat I just attached the pompoms closer to the base of the hat.
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