Thursday, October 11, 2007

Jalapeño Poppers

This is an easy appetizer or snack, and really you just put in what you like and what you have on hand, scallions, different spices, herbs, Worcestershire sauce, whatever kind of cheese you want. I just took three jalapeños, which is what I had on hand and went from there.

Baked Poppers
3 jalapeños washed and cut in half, seeds and ribs removed
cream cheese doesn't need to b e softened
shredded Mexican cheese
garlic powder
sea salt

I cut enough cream cheese to fill the jalapeño halves into cubes and tossed it into a small bowl with the shredded cheese. I rolled the cubes around and pressed on them to get as much shredded cheese to stick as I could, (you could soften the cream cheese then mix the filling together but I don't) I stuffed the jalapeños and then seasoned them. Then I put them on a baking sheet and put them into the fridge until I was ready to broil them. I broiled them in the oven on high until the cheese was melted.

Before broiling.
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