Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I gotta make lunch for SOMEONE....

Diva doesn't have school tomorrow so I decided to pack lunch for DH. He pretty much wants straight forward no bento type of lunches, so I put it in a Ziploc container, I am unsure if that counts :-). It looks like a huge lunch but it's a turkey, bacon, and cheese sandwich on homemade foccacia, fresh salsa, salad and underneath the grapes is a container of Jane's Krazy Salt for his salad. I think packing it up was hard because I had to have separate containers for the salsa and the salt. I wrapped the sandwich in wax paper and secured it with toothpicks, I did start out with decorative picks but the lid wouldn't close, lucky guy.
I used to make lunch for DH all the time, but after Piglet was born it was everyman for himself around here. I need to get back into packing him lunches, or else he doesn't eat, and if he does eat it's junk. Besides, he takes such good care of us, I need to take care of him too.
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